Sunday, July 24, 2016

This cream is deluscious!

Miss Emmy continues her quest for purrfect skin care.  Of course, as she has stated before, the very best skin care comes about from grooming one's fur with one's tongue.

But, barring fur and a tongue with a built-in brush, Something Must be Done, and this nummy cream is really the best.

It comes in a very generous 2.6 oz jar, and the package also includes a sweet little travel jar and a spatula for scooping out some cream for your trip.

Ceramide Moisturizing & Nourishing Cream is appropriate for all skin types, and while it is marketed for post peel care, it is also awesome for just every day moisturizing.

Miss Emmy's human uses it after her shower on days when she's not wearing makeup, and before bed after cleansing.  Since she has oily skin, she's not able to wear such rich cream during the day under her makeup.  She's also used it sparingly on the backs of her hands and loves the soft result.

This lovely cream can be purchased through Amazon here:, and we highly recommend it.  #ceramidefacialcream

We also appreciate MaxLife's generosity for sending us this sample in exchange for our impartial review.  What Miss Emmy means is, while this is not the best cream for lapping up with your dinner, it is pretty darned great on your human's furless mug.

If you would like to see what she has to say about this, check out her review on YouTube.

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