Sunday, May 8, 2016

Purrfectly Cute Little Cocktail Shaker

Well, it has been a while since Miss Emmy has had anything to say.  However, lately she realizes she has been falling behind on her very important job as lifestyle consultant, so she once again began to advise her human on how to improve her life.

Of course, I continue to maintain my counseling sessions from underneath the bed, but I do believe I've advised her well in this circumstance.

I suggested she obtain the Premium Cocktail Shaker Set by Shikshook, and it seems this has been a great boon to the household.  The package was received with great excitement and everyone (except me, of course) gathered around to see what was inside.  This is what was included:

This is a very pretty cocktail shaker.  The stainless steel is very polished, it has two pourer outer thingies for liquor bottles, and two measure thingies as well.

It also comes with a pretty black velvet bag for storing:

And a sweet thank you note from the sending people:

These nice Shikshook people also gave us access to 100 recipes for cocktails (I wanted to try all of them right away, but my human thought 100 cocktails might be too much all in one session).

Although I want to keep this pretty thing under the bed with me, my human says she wants to keep it in its velvet bag and take it with her when she travels in her little trailer.  (I know nothing about this trailer, since I don't approve of travel as a lifestyle, so I cannot remark on this dubious decision, except to say that the Shikshook shiny bits would have been fun to keep with me here in the dark.)

I'm experiencing a bit of a snark, because I haven't had even one cocktail.  That said, I can't complain.  These nice people sent this pretty shaker to us for free so we could examine it carefully and decide if we liked it or not.  Although I don't get to keep it with me under the bed, I decided it's pretty neat and I approve of it purrfectly.  

Posted with great sincerity by your premier lifestyle consultant (writing from under the bed).

Stay real, peeps.

Miss Emmy Dickins

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