Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Miss Emmy says "Meh"

Well, we ordered these.  Yes we did.

They look sooo purrty, and my human thought she would have a whole set to use in her trailer.

So, we did get these at a discount if we would do an honest review, and here it is.


I mean, they are pretty.  My human says they do not hurt her hand, because the handles are comfortable.

And, although they won't hang from a hook, they do stand on their bottoms very purrtly, and that's a plus.

But they are bulky, and will take up a lot of room, so they won't work in a small trailer or in a kitchen that doesn't have a lot of drawer space.

And although they are advertised as "premium" and "stainless steel," there is not a lot of stainless steel.  There is some stainless steel enclosed in plastic, so the tools are only as durable as is the plastic.  So we can't say how these will do in the long run.

On the bright side, I can see how these might make a suitable bridal shower gift for that friend who always loves pretty things but very seldom uses them.  For that person, these would be perfect, and you can order them here.  #VintageKitchenGadgetSet

Miss Emmy keeps it real.


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