Monday, May 23, 2016

Very Purrposeful Oven Mitts

Miss Emmy thinks these mitts are freakin' awesome.

Granted, they are WAY too big to fit on her dainty little paws, (and there are only two of these mitts and as we all know, Miss Emmy has FOUR paws), but even so, these mitts are really neat.

If only I knew how to start a fire, I could really have some fun with these.

Provided they covered all of my fur, that is.

Anyway, my human has tried these out and SHE loves them.  

  • They are better than typical oven mitts for taking heavy, hot things out of the oven.
  • They have a good grip.
  • There is no wrong glove for either hand.  Both mitts fit either hand.
  • They are very heat resistant.  
  • They can be machine washed in cold water.
  • They have a nice cotton liner that is comfortable.
My human wants to keep a pair of these in her trailer (so she ordered two pair).  She is a campfire-building aficionado, and plans to use these gloves when adding wood to her fire, or shifting already burning logs.  She will report back to me (and I will report back to you) how well they perform this task.

If you'd like to get your own pair, you can order them here.  If you don't want to order two pair (like we did), you can keep one glove at home and take one camping (if you are wilderness people like we -- ahem -- some people in our family are).  Of course, since we are brilliant lifestyle consultants, we received one set of these at a discount in exchange for a sensible and thoughtful review.  Just so you know, you know.  #culinarycouture

Keep it real, peeps.  These gloves are hot.

Miss Emmy Dickins

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