Friday, March 2, 2012

Delicate Drier Tutorial

Miss Emmy’s human is often behind on her laundry.  And when she does get around to washing her delicates, she’s frustrated by the mess required to set up the drying rack in her laundry room, which protrudes into the traffic area as well as crowding Miss Emmy’s royal dining area.

In the interest of hygiene (which is always of foremost feline concern), Miss Emmy devised a solution to this delicate dilemma, and instructed her human to enact it thusly.

Gather the following materials:

  • 1 wooden coat hanger
  • 12 wooden clothes pins (found at the $1 store) 
  • Super Glue or White Glue

Measure the clothespins out across the hanger at regular intervals.
For this hanger we spaced our pins about  1.25” apart.
Then we glued the pins to  the hanger, starting next to the hook.

We first tried using super glue, hoping that it would speed completion of the project (since we had delicates washing and Miss Emmy preferred not to have her dining dishes crowded again).  However, the super glue was not successful with every pin.  The clothes hanger was not entirely flat, so it was difficult to get a solid seal for all pins.
Therefore we opted to use the white glue, which would require at least 30 minutes to dry.  However, it held very well, and within an hour we were using our new Delicate Drier for Miss Emmy’s human’s unmentionables. .

   Notice that we are able to hang these from a long hook on the pegboard in the laundry room (which also organizes our frying pans and tools – but that’s another post for another time).

If you have ever used one of those collapsible plastic driers that opens out in numerous spokes, you’ll remember that it’s impossible to hang one of those in a confined area.

We are happy with our Delicate Drier because it doesn’t take up a lot of room, and we can carry everything into the closet and keep it hanging neatly while we put it away . . . something we could not do with the old plastic item.  

We’ve decided that our Delicate Drier will make Miss Emmy’s human’s laundry days much easier . . . what do you think?

(By the way, notice the petite tension rod which resides just inside the closet door.  It’s also handy for hanging just-ironed clothing or for assembling an outfit for the day.  Miss Emmy even has an improvement on THIS system, but again, that’s another post!)

What ideas do you have for making laundry day easier?