Emmy Cleans

Miss Emmy is a very fastidious young lady.  In fact, she spends much of her day grooming, which is partly why she has been extensively assisting her human (see here) in revamping and organizing the grooming zones of her abode.

But being fastidious with one's grooming also means being fastidious with one's home . . . that is if one is TRULY discriminating.

Over the years Miss Emmy has observed how humans clean themselves (the process is truly terrifrurring, and none of it involves licking the back of one's leg) and their homes.  While she can do nothing about human aversion to the superior technique of feline grooming, she can certainly assist in advising how to clean one's abode.

After all, the royal litter box is an item of concern to both felines AND humans, and keeping IT clean is an absolute MUST.  It is perhaps the one area where both species are intimately involved (apart from feline-feeding), and it must be maintained in a way that is agreeable to both.

Miss Emmy should also mention the bird cage, which also requires maintenance.  The budgerigar of the household, Miss Guinevere, is a very messy individual who scatters her feathers and food in all directions, and who has no idea how to use a litterbox (enough said on that topic).  It is our considered opinion that this disorderly individual should be served with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, but for some reason our human discourages this route.

Therefore Miss Emmy has advised her human how to keep this cage clean AND do it easily. (After all, the less time our staff spend on maintaining other creatures, the more time it has to spend on US).

So Miss Emmy will advise humans on some basic cleaning steps related to these two items . . . and will quickly move on to other topics and challenges.  I am very busy here thinking in my retreat under the bed, and have much information to share.

Do you have any advice to share with my staff on creating a more fastidious and discriminating environment for its CEF (Chief Executive Feline)? If so, please comment here!

(As always, Miss Emmy is grateful to the Graphics Fairy for her elegant images.  The silhouette of the human cleaning and the bird cage are both here courtesy of Miss Fairy.)