Thursday, December 22, 2011

Emmy's nummy cheesey mushroomy turrrky wet stuff

Emmy's human needs lots of help and advice in the kitchen.  This is how Emmy advised her to make dinner the other night when she hadn't been to the grocery store and had very little to work with.

Emmy does not really measure, she cooks from the "hip" so to speak.  But we will do our best to let you know how much we used so you can make this same nummy cheesey mushroomy turrkey wet stuff.  This is what Emmy's human had on hand:
  • some mushrooms, about 15 large white buttons
  • some leftover soup made with turkey broth (1 qt, but mostly broth and few vegetables or goodies left in it)
  • some bits of leftover turkey (about 1/2 c)
  • grated cheese (8 oz or more)
  • bits of leftover carrots and green beans (about 1/2 cup each)

For some reason Emmy's human wishes to stress
that this may not be the kind of mushroom
you should use.  Emmy thinks it looks very
pretty, but her staff say we should only use
mushrooms from the grocery store.
(How unimaginative!)
First we sliced and sauteed the mushrooms with olive oil in a nice big saute pan.  As they were simmering, we placed 8 oz. of the leftover soup's broth into a pint mason jar (this is why Emmy's human loooves containers) along with two tablespoons of flour and shook it vigorously.

When the mushrooms were nicely sweated (but not cooked down to little crispy critters) we added the flour/broth mixture to the mushrooms and stirred gently over medium heat.  We didn't want to boil this mixture, just warm it slowly.

As the mushroomy saucey started to thicken, we added lots and lots of grated cheese.  Not all at once, but a handful at a time, and stirred to combine.  When all of the cheese was added and the sauce was nice and thick, we added back in the rest of the left-over soup.

While that was warming, we chopped up the leftover turkey, carrots, and green beans, and added them in.  Now you can taste and see if the soup needs any seasoning.  Ours did not . . . the mushrooms were very flavorful and the soup had already been seasoned.

We served this to Emmy's human's husband with some Parmesan cheese and croutons added on top.  It was very hearty and flavorful, and just right for a cold almost-winter's evening.  (As we all know, winter didn't begin until 9.30 last night, so this was not yet a winter's evening).  This soup was a huge success, and resulted in lots of undeserved praise for female staff, but none for Emmy.  Doesn't he KNOW who is in charge here?

Fortunately for him, he scratched Emmy's head in just the right way and told her again that her fur was very silky.  This redeemed him somewhat.  After all, what can royal felines like me really expect from mere humans in her household?

Of course, you can also use this basic recipe to make new nummy cheesey mushroomy turrkey wet stuff, even if you don't have a lot of leftovers.  But Emmy thinks you should do the vegetables and broth and soupy bits first, and then make the mushroomy cheesey part like Emmy suggests.  Enjoy, and please leave Emmy a nice compliment below, because as we have noted, she got NO credit in her own home!

What kinds of nummy wet stuff do you make from your leftovers?

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