Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mmmmm, Stem Cells for the Skin (from plant-based sources)

We love this cream. I have not used it long enough to determine if anything is *lifting,* but I have hope. I have tried three serums from I*Max, as well as two of their other creams, and none of them disappoint. As I've said in other reviews, I will not be going back to drug store formulas, and the quality of the I*Max product equals any I've purchased from my dermatologist (at much higher cost). The ingredients are lush and natural, and the cream feels wonderful on my skin. I*Max kindly sent a sample of the Wrinkle Reducing & Lifting Cream for me to try, and I love it as much as the other Serum Ceutical products I've tried. Receiving the product at no cost has NOT affected my opinion about the product. Even if you're not seeking to lift or reduce wrinkles, this is a luscious cream to use every day. #IMaxWrinkleReducingLiftingCream

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