Tuesday, September 27, 2016

If you must pack a bike pack, this is the bike pack you should pack

Miss Emmy is nothing if not gracious. Goodness gracious, what kind of HRH would she be were she not gracious? Just to demonstrate, she is ALLOWING her human to make a post here, on her royal fan page. Just this once, or maybe more often, if it means she does not have to type so much with her pretty paws.

Miss Emmy's human writes: "The Bicycle Pack by Jumaxis this set has everything I needed, plus a bit more. My husband and I have recently started riding our bicycle through the neighborhood in the evening, when the temperature starts to cool. By the time we're coming home, it's getting dark and I begin to worry about visibility. Although we have reflectors, we did not yet have lights on our bicycles.

Plus, I thought we should carry cell phones in case of any problem or accident, but neither of us had a safe place to put the cell phone on the bikes. (As it gets cooler, we can wear jackets with pockets and that WOULD solve the problem, but in HOT weather we were lacking decent, safe pockets).

This set contains a very sensible tube-mounted zipper bag system with a cell phone slot which makes glancing down at GPS or maps very easy. And of course, in a pinch, an emergency call is quick to make. The phone is protected by a plastic screen which is touch-sensitive. So it won't get wet or ruined in the rain, but you can still operate the touch screen.

There are zipper bags on either side, so you can also bring along other necessities... granola bars, first aid items... whatever you might need.
Then there are the front and rear lights which make you much more visible. And just for fun, Jumaxis throws in a sheet of reflective stickers. These can be used on your wheel edges, bike frame, or even your helmet.

Instead of having to shop for each of these things individually, just what you need comes in one handy package. Jumaxis provided this sample set for me to try and review, and right now it's my favorite thing -- my opinion and rating is not affected by receipt of the product. Plus, when I had a question about how the cell phone fits inside the pocket, I received an email reply right away.

In case you're wondering, it is very securely stowed in this pocket and secured by several backup systems. If you are confused about how it works (as I initially was), just notice that there's an extra flap stowed inside the pocket. Pull this out, and put the phone in. Then everything is secured by hefty velcro fasteners. Try this Bike Pack; you'll love it. It is available on Amazon here for just $14.99. #jumaxis

I would like to thank Miss Emmy for allowing me to express my opinion here on her royal page. She also kindly allows me to brush her daily and feed her special food. I am truly blessed.

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