About Emmy Dickins

Ahh, what may an enchanting young female such as Emmy Dickins say about Emmy Dickins?  That she is incredibly lovely?  That her fur is as soft as satin?  That her eyes are limpid pools of purrrfection?  She COULD say these things, but Emmy Dickins is nothing if not modest.

Far be it from me to focus on myself, when there is so much impurrrfection in the world to address -- after all, where would Emmy even begin to enumerate her own superior qualities?

Suffice to say that even the infinite internet has not enough space nor enough time to hold such a list, so let us not digress.  Emmy Dickins purrposes to advise her human, who is severely in need of improvement in oh, so many areas.

If Emmy can effect some amelioration, some change, some organization in this sad individual, then the world will know, without being told, of the most superior qualities of Emmy Dickins.