Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A little vision help, please?

It is a sad fact of life that as we get older, it gets harder for us to see. One of my humans wears glasses all the time, and the other just uses what he calls "readers." I have never heard these reading to him, so he must be a bit confused.

 But, at any rate. Both humans apparently need some help under some circumstances. Miss Emmy advised them to try these "Fresnel Lens Plastic Magnifying Sheets," because they look so fun and also come with bonus free thingies.
First of all, when we ordered we automatically got a second set for free.

 Each set contains three lenses: a 7.5 X 10" Full page magnifier, a bonus pocket magnifier, and a ruler magnifier. The full page magnifying sheet magnifies 300%, which is excellent for reading newspapers, magazines, tiny classified ads, maps, and more.

 The medium-sized (ruler) lens is perfect to stash with the bills and the checkbook in your desk, and my humans even use it as a shield when writing self-duplicating checks.

The smallest lens will fit in your wallet or purse (just like a credit card), so you can whip it out and use it to scrutinize those tiny ingredient labels in the grocery store, or, in a pinch, focus the sunlight and start a warming fire in a *survival* situation in the woods (Miss Emmy does not approve of arson, so DON'T DO IT).

These lenses are reasonably priced and very useful, and my humans were glad to have received a sample from Epiphany Way to use and review. As always, our opinions have not been affected by receipt of the product. #Magniset

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