Thursday, September 29, 2016

About those sleepless nights and those dark circles...

This is a pleasant product which works at lessening dark circles under the eyes.  It is also recommended to improve wrinkles and puffiness.  We have tried this and we do like it, although we have not been able to determine if it actually does what it says it will do.  We can say that it is NICE stuff to use around your eyes.

It comes in a pump container, and our main complaint is that the pump puts out TOO MUCH PRODUCT, especially for a serum that costs about $100 per ounce!  Each pump puts out more than can be used on two eyes.  So far I've been adding the extra to the smile lines around my mouth and any dry areas elsewhere on my face.

But at this rate this serum will soon be gone, and until the manufacturer does something about this pump issue (and possibly the price), I won't in good conscience recommend that anyone purchase this.  I did receive this serum at no cost in exchange for my honest review, and here you have it.  #NaturelCommodity

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