Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Solid brass nozzle makes spraying purrty easy

This little brass nozzle is just right for the grip-challenged.  We are tired of holding those handle thingies that only spray when you grip them, and which also leak too much.

Not that Miss Emmy actually waters anything, OR holds a hose for that matter.

But She DOES have an interest in the appearance of her royal abode, so appreciates when her human waters the flowers and sprays off the concrete.  The report is that this nozzle makes that job much easier, and that it also makes a very powerful spray that assists in washing the car.

Of course, I could care less about the car, because I'm never in it, unless I'm going to the vet.  Which makes me care about it even LESS.

However, if one must GO, one must look presentable, so having a clean car is also a plus.

I guess.

So, anyway, the story is that this nozzle will spray hard or soft.  It's very adjustable.  It's solid brass, and will work in all temperatures.  There is a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  However, I think this satisfaction is related to the performance of the nozzle, not my human, about which they can probably do little.

Even so, we are pleased, and have decided to recommend.  Oh, and also, it comes with two pretty cute extra washers.  Apparently, these do NOT wash things.  Go figure.  But Human says they are very good to have, so I guess it's OK.  You can buy this nozzle here.  To read more about this nozzle and its awesome company, check out this page.  #AlphaHomeProducts

Yes, Miss Emmy acquired this nozzle at a discount provided she would try it out (read:  HAVE SOMEONE try it out), and then report on its efficacy.  So there it is.

Stay fresh, and keep spraying.
Not that kind of spray, you Neanderthal.

Use the nozzle!

Miss Emmy Dickins

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