Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Very Purr-ty Window Film with Purrpose

OK. I love lying in the sun.

 I really, really do. I also love lying in the sun and grooming until I get a nice, thick hairball to hack onto the carpet. I know. Not many have this talent, but I have it down to a science.

But what I don't like is getting sun in my eyes when I'm trying to sleep. And my cozy little royal bed stays on the dresser, in front of the window, where I can groom and sun myself (and hack) when I'm not dispensing advice from under the bed. So there are times during the day when there is TOO MUCH sun, and it is TOO BRIGHT.

My human devised a lovely solution.
She bought this purrrty window film, but she didn't want to apply it directly to the window, because of my need to groom and hack for most of the day. You know, in the sun.

 So we decided we needed a portable purrty thing that we could put up to block the sun when it began to annoy me. Also, when it reflected in a mirror and threatened to blind my human, but that's not important. This is all about ME, after all.

Anyway, my human applied the film to the glass inside a picture frame. She used cotton cord behind the glass and under the clamps, since of course putting the cardboard backing back in would not make any sense at all, even for a mere human. So we can place this in the window to block that nasty sun and move it to other windows if we need to.

The result is just beyootiful. Miss Emmy likes it very much. We think you can use this purrty film on your window, or in a picture frame, or even on glass candle holders for something very stunning.

My human received this purrty film at a discount in exchange for her unbiased review. I AM biased of course, but that's who I am. She's reasonably honest, silly thing. Oh, and if you want some too, you can order it here, in many different and purrty colors.

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  You know, like window film.

Oh, and #windowfilm.


Miss Emmy Dickins
writing without prejudice from under the bed

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